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Our main investment focus areas are Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Private & Structured Credit and Public Markets.

Relying on the considerable experience and expertise of our management teams, investment professionals and partners, AT Group continues to build upon and expand its portfolio of sustainable growth companies.

Real Estate

AT Group holds strategic real-estate investments that demonstrate long-term potential in a number of geographies, including India, Europe and Middle East. These range from investments in greenfield and brownfield development projects, commercial, retail and mixed use developments.

The AT Group’s investments in Europe are managed from its regional office in Amsterdam, and comprise joint ventures with prominent players in the real estate market such as AM, 3W, Cairn and Tikehau. In particular, the AT Group currently owns a stake in a Dutch real estate development company which provides it with access to an entire team with specialised knowledge and expertise in end-to-end real estate development projects.

Renewable Energy

In line with our commitment and passion for sustainability, AT Capital invests significantly in renewable energy projects.

Private & Structured Credit

Leveraging our financial and management expertise, we help companies to achieve their full potential through structured credit facilities and investments.

Public Markets

Aside from our longer-term investments in Real Estate, Renewable Energy, and Private & Structured Credit, we also invest in a range of short- to mid-term, higher liquidity investments.

Shorter term instruments complement our longer-term strategies, enabling us to capitalize on high-growth, time-sensitive investment opportunities. These include investments in:

Cash and money market instruments
Precious metals
Global bonds, REITs and structured products
Global listed equities, Direct PE and PE funds